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Spyro is an inspirational dog with a compassionate and friendly heart. He has been modeling for years and has many friends.

Funniest Instagram “Tongue Out” contest winner


Spyro is the winner of our funniest “Tongue Out” contest! He suavely licked his nose to make sure his Movember mustache was growing in nicely. Spyro dressed up in an eclectic hipster outfit with a retro black and red bowtie, yellow beanie, and black frames to complete the funny hipster ensemble. We are delighted that he has won a $100 credit to rororiri, a fabulous dog clothing company.

Why should you follow @spyro_dog on Instagram?

@spyro_dog is a cool guy. He has street style and a friendly personality!

What does Spyro like to do during the summer?

Spyro likes to have a fun time and sometimes a fun time means curling up with a giant Lambie under a colorful blanket. Does that count as having a sleepover party?

After a wonderful rest with Lambie, Spyro hits the great outdoors. During the summer you might catch him on a beach chair with his shirt open to get some sun on his chest.

In addition, Spyro loves to enjoy his summer months kicking it with his flame shirt at barbeques. Other dogs think he is so cool at the barbeques that they are often intimidated to approach him.

The truth is that Spyro is very laid-back. He may even go digging in the sand with you and your friends. Spyro loves to make a mess at the beach.

What did Spyro study in college?

Spyro is an honorary college graduate. He has spent his life studying the psychology of happiness with a minor in dog licks and cuddles.

Does Spyro like birthdays?

Spyro loves celebrating birthdays! Not only does he share cake, gifts, and piñatas on his own birthday, he makes sure to celebrate his friends’ birthdays too. If it were up to Spyro, he would celebrate his friends’ birthdays seven times per year.

Who has inspired and supported Spyro the most?

Like most Westies, Spyro loves the daily support of cuddles and ear scratches from his mom. He doesn’t know what he would do without his mom. She knows just how to share the love! As a result, Spyro is a very happy dog.

What motivates Spyro during the week?

After having the summer off, it can be hard getting back to work. Luckily Spyro rocks his red striped tie and follows the morning ritual of coffee before work.

In addition, Spyro knows after years of experience that the best way to get through the workweek is to meditate. He goes into nature whenever he can and sits by the trees, flowers, and water. It seems like the fresh flower smells and nature sounds soothe him.

I can’t see you, but I know where you are… #gotcha #flowersaresafe #hideandseek #silly #sillydog

A photo posted by Spyro the Westie ? (@spyro_dog) on

What does Spyro like to do after a long week?

At the end of the week, Spyro knows that a victory high ten with his best friend is as satisfying as licking ice cream out of a cone!

Over the weekends, he stays balanced with yoga and wine. First he does yoga to decompress and then rounds off the weekend with a glass of wine. Or is it wine first and yoga second?

Meditating this morning, weekends are the best time to recharge and cleanse. Happy Saturday friends✌

A photo posted by Spyro the Westie ? (@spyro_dog) on

How does Spyro inspire others?

Spyro is an inspirational dog that shares powerful messages of love and perseverance with his acquaintances and friends. Most of all, he simultaneously looks so natural with a mustache, a pair of glasses, and a bowtie.

What is Spyro going to dress up as for Halloween?

We don’t know, but he is sure to get lots of Halloween doggy candy!



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