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One of the first words you might think of when someone says “Lisa Vanderpump” is “dogs.” Dogs indeed. Lisa is a stylish TV star, designer, author, and a restaurant owner. Most importantly, at her core, she is a dog lover and advocate. She opened The Vanderpump Dog Center this spring, a bright pink building in West Hollywood, for dog adoption.

Vanderpump Dogs


In the last couple of years, Lisa has done tremendous advocacy work for dogs in the U.S. and abroad. Lisa has worked with the U.S. government and China’s government in an effort to #stopyulin through the non-profit Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy the Pom

Lisa Vanderpump’s advocacy work truly began when she started adopting her own dogs and bringing them home to her Beverly Hills home, Villa Rosa.

One celebrity dog who Lisa dresses up in adorable outfits and carries around, Gigolo or Giggy for short, can be seen with Lisa throughout the day whether at red carpet events, on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, or at Villa Blanca, SUR, or PUMP. Giggy doesn’t wear clothes only for cuteness, @giggyvanderpump has alopecia (he easily loses hair) and needs to be kept covered for warmth. Lisa and Giggy are frequently coordinating in stylish outfits and shoes (Lisa is the one with the shoes while he is carried in a pleather bag).

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Ken Todd and Harry Vanderpump

Giggy is the most famous Vanderpump dog, but Lisa actually has 8 dogs. A few years ago Lisa adopted Giggy’s dad, fittingly named Daddio, who had retired from show business. Daddio was able to connect with his daughter for a couple of years. Unfortunately, Daddio passed away last year. A few weeks later, Lisa adopted Harrison Vanderpump, also known as Prince Harry, from a Sacramento shelter. He is a 6-year-old one-eared Pomeranian. Although he often accompanies Lisa, Harry has a soft spot for Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd. Ken is frequently seen holding or carrying Harry in a travel bag while Lisa carries Giggy. Similar to Giggy, Harry has alopecia and needs to stay warm and thus gets more of the baby treatment compared to Lisa and Ken’s other doggie babies at home.

The good life ?

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Stop Yulin

Giggy and Harry have been an incredible support, traveling to D.C. to assist Lisa with #stopyulin advocacy work. This likely won’t be the last time these two go to D.C. or join Lisa for advocacy work!

Lisa Vanderpump’s dogs of Villa Rosa

Lisa has two 13-year-old small dogs that lounge and sleep at Villa Rosa, Pikachu the Pomeranian and
Lollipop the Maltese.

Another one of Lisa’s dogs is called Pink Dog because she makes Pink Dog’s hair pink with food dye in the bath (obviously, Lisa’s favorite color). Maltese, Pomeranian, and poodle owners are following suit in Los Angeles and dying their dog’s fur pink. Sometimes owners only do the tail while other times owners go all out like Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa Vanderpump adopted a cocker spaniel mix, Schnoooky. Occasionally Schnooky joins her mom for outings to Villa Blanca. She is a wee bit bigger than Giggy and Harry, and more frequently keeps the other dogs, swans, and turtles at the villa company.

Finally, Lisa does like big dogs! She adopted two golden retriever best friends, Rumpy and Pumpy (Avery). Rumpy is a boy and Pumpy is a girl. She nicknamed them Rumpy and Pumpy because the dogs were inseparable. They enjoy wagging and greeting Lisa when she comes home.

Look who waits for me every day

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My beautiful lady who joined our family last year,four years old …Soo sweet

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Watch Lisa’s dogs spending time at Villa Rosa

World Dog Day

Last year, Lisa started World Dog Day in West Hollywood. The event has dog agility games, dog costume contests, dog company vendors, dog adoption, and dog advocacy. Carter and I had the pleasure of attending the event last year and it was a fun experience for dogs who already have homes and a wonderful day to help other dogs.

This year World Dog Day will occur on Sunday, June 25th between 11AM-4PM.

The Vanderpump Dog Center location

The Vanderpump Dog Center is located right in West Hollywood on 3rd Street. It is hard to miss the pink building with the pink sign!

Address: 8134 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM-7PM, Sunday 10AM-5PM

Phone: 323-852-3647

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Staff and volunteers

The groomers, store staff, and volunteers seem happy to be contributing to a good cause.

Waiting for homes at The Vanderpump Dog Center

The Vanderpump Dog Center is like no other dog rescue. This is a place where you want to spend time with potential adoptees and drink a cup of English breakfast tea while taking Instagram photos of all the cuties with the free Wi-Fi. You can definitely picture bringing a dog into your home while you hang out on the plush couch.

Here are a few of the dogs currently available for adoption:




Updated list of available rescue dogs at The Vanderpump Dog Center

Furever homes at The Vanderpump Dog Center

The dogs are treated so well with play time and #vanderpuff grooming in this bold pink haven. They enjoy their time until that exciting day that they meet their family. Since opening a few months ago, 70 dogs have been adopted!

Here are some of the wonderful adoptees and new families:


We’re celebrating over 70 adoptions here at The Vanderpump Dog Center! This week we will be remembering some of our favorite success stories! We will be kicking our celebration off with one of our most dramatic rescues….. BEAR! Thanks to everyone’s generous donations, Bear was able to get all the multiple surgeries necessary to make him healthy again! Bear went from a high kill shelter to a loving home and is now enjoying his new life with his forever family!! Please click the link in our bio so we can continue to rescue dogs from kill shelters around Los Angeles & give dogs like Bear a second chance at life!! Any amount, big or small is greatly appreciated. ? ?? #VanderpupSuccessStory #70AndCounting

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Chicken Nugget




More rescue stories at The Vanderpump Dog Center

How to get involved

For dog lovers who live in the Los Angeles area, you can volunteer at The Vanderpump Dog Center.

If you do not live nearby, you can become an ambassador by creating a fundraising campaign at Additionally, you can donate Amazon products for rescues. Check @vanderpumpdogs for Wish List Wednesdays with the weekly featured item.

Alternatively, you or your company can donate to the The Vanderpump Dog Center or to the Shenzhen sanctuary in China directly on the site.

Grooming and shop

For Los Angeles locals, bring your dog into the shop for some #vanderpuff grooming and dog accessories. 100% of proceeds go to The Vanderpump Dog Center. Grooming treatments range from the basic #vanderpuff (which is better than basic), the #vanderpuff deluxe which includes a haircut, and other a la carte treatments. One signature treatment is the Blueberry Facial to help reduce tear stains. Exclusively at #vanderpuff grooming, you can get aromatherapy treatments for your dog including a calming chamomile and lavender blend, a rosemary and ginger blend for circulation, a cedarwood and jojoba blend for itchy skin, and a special blend for the limbic system after major change or stress in a dog’s life.

Additionally, Vanderpump Pets sells products online where a portion of proceeds is donated to animal rescue and the products are made of PU or man-made pleather instead of leather.

Pride week

Finally, Vanderpump Dogs support both the rights and freedoms of dogs and people! This past weekend, Vanderpump Dogs supported the Pride march.

“All dogs are equal, it doesn’t matter whether they’re pedigree…it’s just so many of these dogs are waiting for homes.”

~Lisa Vanderpump in an E! Red Carpet interview

If you live in Los Angeles come by and drink some tea and meet the potential adoptees. Who knows what furry friend might steal your heart!