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These hipster dogs are @ohmydoggies.

Off-Off-Broadway hipster actors


@ohmydoggies are quite a Boston Terrier trio! This family knows how to cuddle together as siblings while still finding their unique individuality. Memo likes to be the star of social media and he would take selfies if he had thumbs. Frances, a.k.a. Frankie, brings her own swag to the camera. Finally, Skyler is more introverted and usually joins for group photos with his brother and sister.

Awkward family portraits


The trio performs at coffeehouses and small theaters. They are honing in on bringing something fresh to Off-Off-Broadway before they switch to Off-Broadway. @ohmydoggies wants to leave an innovative mark on the theater world that will alter people’s perceptions about theater actors. Despite their serious acting and singing careers, these three know how to keep it real with love and humor.

rororiri style


Skyler, Memo, and Frankie are some of the most stylish dogs around thanks to rororiri. rororiri offers beautiful classic designs for dogs with soft and high quality material.

Bearly cute


@ohmydoggies love dressing up as bears from around the world. Which is cuter? A grizzly bear or panda bear? It is hard to say!



While Memo doesn’t like to gloat, he does think of himself as the King of Off-Off-Broadway. Memo will only accept lead roles in Off-Off-Broadway musical theater. Although he makes it look effortless, Memo works on his singing voice every morning before breakfast. Plus, he finds that the more he sings, the sooner he gets his breakfast. Memo values self-expression and believes that it is a hipster’s right to express!

Kansas wheat

Memo is forever a hipster. He knows how to get down in nature while still managing to look stylish. He loves to go back to his hometown in Kansas. Memo sits in the Kansas wheat and feels the gentle breeze blow on his ears. Even if it doesn’t look like he is having fun, it is all part of the hipster image. He must keep a cool face.

Hipsters wear blue

After a hard day’s work or no day’s work, Memo puts on his blue hipster bowtie and shades and has a drink of the finest wine that he can find. He finds that he naps best after a glass of red wine. Memo usually wakes up with big life questions such as, “Can I ever lick all of the peanut butter off of my nose or will there always be a little left?”

This may be the wine talking but I like wine. ???

A photo posted by Skyler, Memo & Frances ? (@ohmydoggies) on

Electric moped is the new motorcycle

It seems like Memo is no stranger to the leather jacket and striped hoodie. It keeps him looking and feeling hot. Memo loves to ride his electric blue moped down to the local theater.

Memo… most likely to write a smash Broadway musical about Justin Timberlake. ??? . ✨ CONTEST #PETSMOSTLIKELYTO ✨ We want to see your pet recreating a cheesy yearbook photo to win a 241k follower feature and some awesome prizes. . ?RULES? ? Follow all hosts (and feel free to follow prize accounts): @beausybear @bittdogoflove @lifeofmill @ohmydoggies @roccopugzworld @scruffy_in_seattle @wisecrackerpets . ? Post a silly yearbook photo with the caption that starts with “Most likely to….” Choose a phrase that describes your pet (bonus points for creative and funny captions!) . ? Also, in your caption include “This is my entry for the #PetsMostLikelyTo contest hosted by” (mention at least 3 hosts) . ? Tag 3 friends who might be interested in joining below. . ?PRIZES? Six winners will be chosen and prizes split as follows: 1️⃣ @ashleygabbydesigns toy basket, @mybenebone three item gift pack and a @puppy.mouth dog tag 2️⃣ @oliveandatlas collar of your choice and @bittdogoflove custom rope leash 3️⃣ @barkbox toy/treat box 4️⃣ @inspirationy3012 high res copy of a 5×5 oil painting of your pet 5️⃣ @fetchingcrochet $25 gift card 6️⃣ @shophealthynibbles bow tie and bandana . Additionally, all winners receive an individual, permanent feature on @wisecrackerpets with a custom caption. . Contest ends May 27th, 11:59 pm EST. International entries welcome. No private accounts. Unlimited entries. Have fun! .

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Vintage shopping

Memo likes to wander around small streets with local vintage storefronts for inspiration. Sometimes he gets cozy on the furniture and takes a nap. Oftentimes, he stares at interesting trinkets and ponders why he can’t play with them, “If I paws at the glass ornaments, will they still be glass ornaments or will they take on a new artistic form (a.k.a. shattered pieces)?”

Vintage phones

Like any good hipster, Memo is obsessed with vintage anything. Who needs an iPhone with a touch screen when you have the fun of putting your nails in the rotary phone? Plus, whatever happened to waiting by the phone at night for your girl to call? Classic is underrated.

Yoga detox

A hipster like Memo knows that yoga is the way to find his bliss and the best way to detox after enjoying too much food!

Non-prescription hipster glasses

Memo inevitably needed to get non-prescription frames. How will people know that he is a hipster dog without black frames?

Street art

Memo likes to hang out with his street artist friends. As a singer and actor, he thinks it is important to spend time around the quieter arts. Of course, he believes artistic self-reflection is the key to a balanced life.

Brick home

Furthermore, Memo fulfilled his hipster dream of moving into a 19th century brick home. He loves to invite friends over weekly and tell them about the home’s unique history. When you meet Memo, ask him about the house!

Off beat dancer

Among Memo’s many talents, he is also a dancer. Memo is a free spirit and likes to dance to his own beat. You won’t be able to follow or keep up with his unique off beat moves.



Frankie doesn’t conform to one style or way of being. Sometimes she loves to throw tea parties and invite all of her actor friends. She makes chicken, turkey, salmon, and bacon tea sandwiches. Additionally, peanut butter crumpets are always on the dessert menu. Tea parties are a great time to discuss a range of topics from clothing styles to postmodernism.

My tea is hot, just like you. ☕️ . Happy Birthday to my Frenchie friend, Cosette! ? #Cocos3rdTeaPawty #teatime .

A photo posted by Skyler, Memo & Frances ? (@ohmydoggies) on

Is he a gentleman?

Frankie may be a modern feminist; yet, she still swoons over men who display classic gentleman tendencies. She inwardly inquires, “Did he open the door for me before I had to start scratching? When I was cold did he give me his cardigan? Or did I need to pull it off of him? Did he leave me the last pumpkin crumpet?”

On-the-go hoodie

Frankie loves acting, but sometimes the best part of her day is when she can pull on her hoodie and go for a run. She loves the feeling of her four tiny legs racing, as her paws get wet. Frankie runs in one direction as her ribs expand and her nose snorts, until she cannot run anymore. She gets so in the moment that a mile run can feel like a whole day! Frequently, she forgets that she has to go back home too, but luckily humans can carry her back.

Vintage necklaces

Vintage necklaces are her favorite! She cannot help but pick up at least one vintage necklace at the weekly trade fair by her house. Usually, she ends up picking up more than she bargained for at the trade fair. Luckily, she can always make use of them in her Off-Off-Broadway plays.



Finally, the trio wouldn’t be complete without Skyler’s silent confident persona. He makes the trio shine in photographs.

@ohmydoggies are sure to be influential Off-Broadway hipster actors one day (maybe even Broadway actors!) with all of their mixed array of proclivities and talents.

Rainbow Bridge

It saddens us to share that Memo has passed on to the rainbow bridge.

Thank you for all the joy that you brought your family, friend, local and online community.

R.I.P. Memo 2013-2017



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