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The Westie hipster must have coffee every day


The Westie hipster is named @scoutoftheblue. She has a feisty and smug nature that comes out especially in the light of day before she has had her coffee.

I’m gonna need a second cup… ☕️☕️☕️ #westie #coffeeshop

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First of all, this Westie hipster lives for fantastic cappuccinos from third wave coffee shops but could care less about the latte art. For her, it is all about how much foam she can get her tongue on and how strong the espresso tastes!

@scoutoftheblue prefers the best coffee but she sometimes settles for chain stores like Starbucks (gasp!) where they have her specialty puppuccino! She is sure to get that whipped cream all over her snout.

Now this is a #tot? !!! Starbucks barista gave me a huge puppuccino, thanks @starbucks ?

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The Westie hipster is a donut aficionado


As much as she likes coffee, this hipster dog can’t get enough donuts in her life! She likes them classically covered with powdered sugar or different colored sprinkles. What is not to love? She can put her nose right in the center and then bite every corner. She has a sweet tooth that she was gifted with after she tasted her first donut that she stole from her mom’s plate.

Donut tease me, gimme! ? #donuts #cute

A photo posted by Miss Scout Trimble (@scoutoftheblue) on

Furthermore, she drinks her coffee first to take in all of the rich aromas and then eats her donut separately to enjoy all of the sugary goodness that it has to offer. She is not a donut dipper. Donuts should not be dipped into coffee. That is an insult to coffee and to donuts! Each must be enjoyed for their own abounding flavors.

Drinking my Monday coffee like a boss? #westie #pupsncoffee

A photo posted by Miss Scout Trimble (@scoutoftheblue) on

The Westie hipster is a server at a donut shop


This Westie hipster works as a server at a specialty coffee and donut shop where they have donut sandwiches. One of her favorite donut sandwiches is the peanut butter powder. It is cut in half and filled with peanut butter and banana with honey drizzled on top. She loves how the peanut butter sticks to the roof of her mouth as the powdered sugar donut fuses with the peanut butter.

@scoutoftheblue only tells a select number of cool customers about her favorite donut sandwich because she wants to make sure there is still peanut butter for her to eat at the end of her shift. When customers ask, she usually says, “Oh, I like the coffee flavored donut…don’t get the peanut butter because its prepackaged.”

‘Scuze me, but I sees you has two donuts and I has none… ??? #westie

A photo posted by Miss Scout Trimble (@scoutoftheblue) on

The Westie hipster is a Zumba instructor


It seems like this hipster dog makes up for her excessive donut and peanut butter eating by teaching Zumba at her local park in the summer and early fall months. She figures the best way to burn off all those donut calories and get out of her perpetual feisty mood is to dance. As a result, her Zumba is the latest style: Traditional Brazilian and do-si-do fusion dance. This girl has southern roots and she is not going to forget her roots.

Interpretive square dance with a do-si-do (turn on ?) -Happy Friday friends ??? #westie #cowboy

A video posted by Miss Scout Trimble (@scoutoftheblue) on

@scoutoftheblue is her most animated self when she is teaching Zumba do-si-do style. Her fur blows in the wind and her tongue pants in the sun. Her fans follow along with their four legs to the rhythm.

The Westie hipster is a future business owner


This Westie hipster knows that she can’t be a server and Zumba instructor forever. She has big dreams to turn her passion into a profitable business. Therefore, during her free time she has been taking online business classes in order to one day open her own donut and coffee shop. The donut and coffee shop will probably have its own in-house coffee roaster and in-house peanut butter maker. In addition, she plans to locally source all of her peanuts and get them in giant bundles weekly to ensure she will never run out of her beloved peanut butter. She won’t be shy about selling her top-notch peanut butter!

@scoutoftheblue plans to mature and start using preventive health methods. Consequently, she will likely start doing Zumba before she eats a donut instead of after she eats 10. Furthermore, she is going to have her own Zumba studio connected to the donut and coffee shop, where people can get their dance on before a delicious donut. There will of course be no baths or showers at her dance studio. Who needs them?


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